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Weymouth Street Pastors

Weymouth Street Pastors on the streets

[Article published June 2012]

Now a familiar feature on Friday and Saturday nights, the Weymouth Street Pastors  completed their 500th patrol on Saturday 15th June.  Drawn from churches across Weymouth and Portland, they work out in the town centre from 10pm to 4am there to assist anyone who is out and about and in need of help.

The initiative has helped hundreds of people in need, from those who are the ‘worse for wear’ at the end of the night through to those who just need someone to talk to. 

During the  five years we have been in operation there has been a real change in the atmosphere in the town, and indeed the attitude to church through being alongside people and being practical help when they are in need. The teams work closely with the doorstaff, police and paramedics to help keep people save, but increasingly conversations are becoming more ‘deeper’ and faith based as the Christian presence is seen to be consistent and non-judgemental.

Street Pastors are always looking for people interested in joining either their street or prayer teams and would be keen to hear from you if you wish to find out more but of greater importance for your continued prayers.

Interesting Statistics:

By the time of the 500th patrol, Weymouth Street Pastors  have:

Completed over 12000 ‘volunteer’ hours  ( in street and prayer teams)

Have contact with / assisted over 3200 people,  including;  over 750 people upset or unwell. accompanied over 100 people for safety reasons, and assisted 100 people with family/ relationship issues.

They  have also picked up;

Over 4800 bottles, 2200 glasses and swept up nearly 1000 lots of broken glass off the streets

They  have given away;

Over 2000 pairs of flip flops, 1500 bottles of water, over 100 space blankets, and 000’s of lollies.

Ken Crafer’s ( Street Pastor Coordinator) contact details :

Tel 01305 777416                              Email: weymouth@streetpastors.org.uk

Weymouth Street Pastors website

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