Bincombe with Broadwey, Upwey and Buckland Ripers

Baptism in Church

The Church of England Parishes of Bincombe with Broadwey, Upwey and Buckland Ripers

YOU HAVE ASKED ABOUT BAPTISM and we in the local Church are pleased that you are thinking about this important event in the life of your family.

If you would like to talk to me about Baptism - please call. 

If you're a single parent - call.

(I don't have to know  or record the Dad's name) - so call.

If you're not married - and living together - call.

If you're not Baptised yourself or yourselves - call.

If your prefered Godparents are not Baptised - call.



A Baptism  Service is primarily for the person being baptised and their welcome by God into the  local Church.  It is not primarily about family gatherings and having a party afterwards - although that may happen.  It's  about God's astonishing covenant love for us, and the response and the commitment we make to His grace.


When we come to Church and gather round the font, we use the water as a symbol of cleansing - a new beginning. Needing the forgiveness of God, we recognise that we must start again with Him if we are to make anything worthwhile of our journey through life. One day we will stand before Him and account for ourselves. If we have put our faith and trust in Jesus, then, though we may have failed from time to time, we shall be received into heaven with the open arms of a loving heavenly Father.

All this, not because of what we have done, but what we believe Jesus has done for us on the cross.  By dying for us, He has taken away our sins, and made a new beginning with God a wonderful possibility for us and for our children.


"Can a man enter his Mother's womb a second time and be born again."... asked a man who wanted to know more about this new birth. Well no. But if we say YES to God, YES to His love for us in Jesus, then we receive this new life that He promises, a life that begins NOW and goes on into eternity.

Some have used the simple A B C to think this one through...

When we Acknowledge our sins and Ask for His forgiveness..

Then we Believe in Him, and Begin to follow Him...

We Confess our sins, and we become a new Creation...

Taking God seriously is the beginning of a new journey that has all its possibilities in the God who made us, who loves us, and has come to meet us in Jesus Christ. We may not know very many of the answers; the first Christian certainly didn't, and many mistakes have been made in the name of Jesus for a long time. But that does not mean that our Christian faith is not worth believing in. IT IS.


The day of the baptism is a wonderful new beginning... not an ending! It is the start of a journey that includes...

- Churchgoing as a family

- teaching the Children to read from the Bible, and later to read the Bible for themselves.

- Praying with them, and teaching them to pray.

- showing what it means to live by Christian standards.


Do we have to go to Church? I suppose that is the big question. I believe that the answer is yes. Not because we have to, but because we will want to.

Christians come together -

- to give praise and thanks to God.

- to pray to Him together.

- to learn more about Him

- to meet with other Christians.  

We would hope that parents should not only teach their children to go to Church, and/or Sunday School, but should lead by example. We then pray that our children will follow our Good examples. Through their lives, and especially in the younger years, they will follow, both the good and the not so good.

Yes, it means putting God first. Perhaps changing some habits or routines, and that might be difficult. But when that spark of faith is kindled within us, and when you come to the local Christian family -the Church - for baptism, come not as an outsider, but come as part of the family of God into the House of God.

We welcome you to the Lord's family.

It is our policy to be Welcoming, and we  always look forward to seeing you and your family as you come along and share worship time with us on a Sunday.

The best reason for having your child baptised is that you, as parents, are committed Christians and you want to include your child in the practice of your faith. Teaching your child by word and example, so that he or she will become a believer and a regular worshipper. In having a child baptised you are actively encouraging your child to become a Christian.

Baptism and the Church.

The Baptism service contains questions to be answered by parents and God-parents such as "Do you turn to Christ?"; Do you repent of your sins?"; "Do you renounce evil?"
We want you to answer, not just to get your child baptised, but because you want to embark on - or continue - a journey of faith that leads to eternal life in heaven.


The Church of England requires that all God-parents be themselves Baptised and Confirmed. Their own baptism is vital, and their understanding of the Christian faith is most important. Parents would naturally want to have God-parents for their children who will be honest in their answers as well as in the example they give to their growing God-children.

Some parents choose lifeā€‘long friends to be godparents, without ever realising that the primary role of godparents is as a Christian example, and to pray regularly for your child. Friends of other faiths cannot be godparents, even though they might be excellent examples of love and compassion. Similarly, people with no real faith or church commitment, even though baptised themselves, do not really fulfil the expectations of the role of the godparent as the church understands it, which is actively Christian.

If having God-parents who are Confirmed is a problem, please speak to the Rector about this.


Baptism take place within the 10.30am Services at St Laurence Upwey and St Nicholas Broadwey - and by negotiation at Holy Trinity Bincombe and St Nicholas Buckland Ripers. Before arranging with any Godparents, please talk the service over with the Rector or one of the team.   (Some of our services are more suited for baptisms than others.)

As part of the preparation for the Baptism, we do like to see you in Church regularly for a few months before arranging a date for the Baptism. This gives you an opportunity to see what we are like, perhaps how we conduct a baptism Service, and to share in the worship of the Church into which your child is to be baptised.  



Baptisms in our Parishes

We welcome baptisms in our four Churches where the following criteria are met.

1. Those living within our parishes.

2. Those who are part of our regular worshipping congregation.

3. Those who have parents living in the parishes who regularly attend one of our Churches.

Unless there is a good pastoral reason - we will not cross parish boundaries within the Benefice.

For our part.

We will share with you the love of God in Jesus Christ who comes to meet us as Lord and Saviour.

We will give you a warm welcome to be part of our Church family.

We will do our best to keep you informed of what we are offering as a Church.

We will do our best to ensure the Baptism service is the very best we can do for you, your family and your friends.


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